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Chesapeake & Western DS4-4-660 #662

John Coke

Escanaba Lake Superior DS4-4-660 #101

John Coke

Erie Baldwin DS-4-4-660 #382

George Elwood

TVA Baldwin DS-4-4-660 #100

George Elwood

Napa Valley Railroad Baldwin DS-4-4-660 blt 1946 #51

Samuel Herschbein

PC DS-44-660 #8374

PC DS-44-660 #8374
, Camden, NJ 1974
Doug Kroll

US Pipe & Foundary Baldwin DS-4-4-7.5 #33
, Birmingham AL 1968
George Elwood

USPF Baldwin DS4-4-750 #36
, Birmingham AL 1968
George Elwood

PRR DS4-4-7.5 #5618

Bud Laws

BLW DS4-4-7.5

SF Baldwin DS-4-4-7.5 #626
, 1968 Kansas City
Dave Goss-GPE

Texas S-Eastern DS-4-4-750 #301

George G. Haines III

LV Baldwin DS-4-4-10 #140

James Mack

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Baldwin DS-4-4-1000r #25
, 1967
George Elwood

MKT Baldwin DS-4-4-10r #30

Jeff Prince

MKT DS-4-4-10 #28

Leonard Ruback

Western Alabama Baldwin DS-4-4-10 #621
, Montgomery AL
George Elwood

Indiana & Ohio(Patapsco Back Rivers RR) DS-4-4-10 w/expansion tank on hood & small headamp #92

JL Hunt

EL DS-4-4-10 #614

George Elwood

Benson-Quinn Terminals DS-4-4-10 #606

JL Hunt

DeKalb County Co-op DS4-4-1000 #103
, Waterloo IN 1982
Doug Kroll

Escanaba & Lake Superior DS4-4-1000 #201
, Escanaba MI 1987, ex Copper Range RR
Doug Kroll

Patapsco & Back Rivers DS-44-1000 #702
, Reading THS, Temple PA 2000
Doug Kroll

Nucor Steel DS44-1000 #01
, Drake SC, nee SAL 1454 ex SCL 66, blt 1950 cn 75100
Garreth McDonald-MM
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