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SLSF H-10-44 #274

J Hunt

CNW H-10-44 #1062

J Hunt

Norfolk Western FM H-10-44 #2127
, Brewster OH
George Elwood

DRGW H-10-44 #22

Dave Goss-GPE

PRR H-10-44 #9090
, Richmond IN 1961, blt 1949 cn10L160
Bud Laws

MILW FM H-10-44 #1802
, ex760 [1ST FM, blt 1944]
Don Ross

MILW FM H-10-44 #1804
, ex762, blt 1945
Don Ross

PRR FM H-10-44 #9093
, Detroit, MI 1966

Hallet Dock H-10-44 #HD11
, W.Duluth, MN 1982
Doug Kroll

Hallet Dock H-10-44 #HD11
, W.Duluth, MN 1982
Doug Kroll

MILW H-10-44 (early style) #766
, Savanna IL 1979
Doug Kroll

MILW H-10-44 #770
, Davenport IA 1979
Doug Kroll

Minneapolis, Northfield Southern H10-44 #11
, nee Minnesota Western 51, blt 1946
Jim Sands

Frisco Fairbanks Morse H-12-44 #285

©Corel Corp, 1994

SF H-12-44 #564
, 1968 Kansas City
Dave Goss-GPE

Hawthorn Army Munitions Plant FM H-12-44 #1847

Golden Gate Railroad Museum

SP FM H12-44 #2352

Leonard Ruback

MILW H-12-44 #751

J Hunt

SF FM H12-44 #555

John Stephen Foster

NW H-12-44 #2151
, Brewster OH 1975
Doug Kroll

Yankeetown Dock H-12-44 #2
, Lynnville IN 1980, to NC Ports RR
Doug Kroll

CMStP+P H12-44 #707
, Bensenville IL 1971
Joseph Testagrose

SF H12-44TS #543

Kevin Werkema

SF Fairbanks Morse H-12-44TS #542

Jerry Appleman
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