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Republic Locomotives

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Pac States Cast Iron Pipe Republic Locomotive RX 500
, Orem, UT 2008, RL

Duke Energy Republic RX 500 #23511
, Cliffside, NC 2009,
Tom Sink

Allegheny Ludlum Steel Republic RX 500 #01
, Brackenridge PA 2011
Joseph Testagrose

Republic RX 500 70T
, Greenville SC

Republic RX 500 70T
, Greenville SC 2011
Moss Miller

PPL Republic RX500 #I-947
, Brunner Island power plant York Haven, PA 2013
Jim Stanton

Chevron Phillips Republic RX500 #RD20
, Pascagoula, MS 2013
Andy Tucker

Septa Republic Locomotive RL-1000P #60
, Wayne Junction Yd, 2002
Bob Vogel

Septa Republic Locomotive RL1000P #60

Cletus Romano

Republic Locomotive Works 2000 HP demonstrator #UP20

Don Ross

Republic Locomotive Works SL50 50T #906
, blt 1991, Westchester, NY 2002
Eric S. Tyrer II,

LeTourneau (ex Republic Locomotive) RD20 #20
, Wichita, KS 2002, Detroit Diesel 16V149 eng
Doug Kroll

LeTourneau Drive Systems LETX 20 RD20 #20
, Wichita, KS
Ron Estes

UP/Detroit Diesel RLW RD20 #20
, Kansas City, MO 1993, Republic Locomotive Works prototype
Robert Pierce

Republic Loco Works #RL2000
, Laurens, SC, 1991, rblt L&N GP35
Tom Sink
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