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BLW"Baldwin Locomotive Works built hundreds of 5-35 ton gas/mechanical industrial style locomotives, starting in 1910. In the 1920's, they built some in the 20 ton range that were very similar to Whitcomb. With the purchase of Whitcomb in 1931, Baldwin channeled its small engines through Whitcomb, but later built them with Baldwin Lima Hamilton designs." (1)

Knoxville Power BLW 20T gas #20

Chicago Great Western Baldwin 25T #1
, cn58430 1925
John Campbell-Don Ross

Peavy Grain BLH2225 25T
, Superior WI 1978, nee GATX 21-1, KY, ex Osborne - Mcmillian Elevator 101 WI, blt 1955 cn76090

BLH SH2225 30T
, diesel-hydraulic, 225 hp HRBIS-600
Mark Laundry

GATX BLH SH2225 30T #65-90
, Pocatello, ID, 1974, blt 1955 cn76089

GATX BLH SH2225 30T #65-90
, West Colton CA 1977, blt 1955 cn76089

GATX BLH SH2225 30T #65-90
, Colton, CA 1973, cn76089 blt 1955,
Steve Hoskins

Arco BLH 35T SH-2300-2 #6920
, San Diego RR Museum Campo, CA 2002, blt 1954 cn75941
Mike and Steve Hoskins

Klamath Northern BLH SH-2300 40T DH #206
, CA State RR Museum Scarameto, ex-International Paper 224; nee Long-Bell 401, blt 1954 cn40755
Bill Copley

Klamath Northern SH-2300 40T DH #206
, CA State RR Museum Scarameto, ex-International Paper 224; nee Long-Bell 401, blt 1954 cn40755 | INFO
Bill Copley

Klamath Northern Baldwin 40T #206
, blt 1954 cn40755, ex-International Paper 224; nee Long-Bell 401 | INFO
Rob Jacox

Lone Star Cement BLH SH2300 #1
, Pauline KS 1980, nee Topeka Railway Equipment, blt 1956 cn76141
Don Ross

Cargil BLH SH2300 40T #1
, Chicago IL1974 cn76119 1955
Thomas Lawson, Jr

United Farmers Co-op BLH SH2300 40T
, Fitchburg MA 1987, nee Cargo Carriers#1, ex Cargill#1 cn76119 blt 1955

BLH SH2135 25T
, diesel-hydraulic, 165hp HRBI-600 or D-326
Mark Laundry

BLH SH2190 35T
, diesel-hydraulic, 225 hp HRBIS-600 or D-337
Mark Laundry

BLH SH294 12T
, diesel-hydraulic, 110 hp HRBI-400 or D-318
Mark Laundry

Babcock & Wilcox Co BLH 50T SH4300 #1776
, Barberton, OH 1978, to Luntz @Warren OH #4300, blt 1954 cn76022
John C. Benson

Ironhorse Central RR BLH SH4300 50T #2
, Chisago City, MN 2012
Jeff Terry

Bucyrus Erie BLH SH4300 50T
, Milwaukee WI 1972

Standard Slag BLH-Whit S-3 [SH4300] 50T #LM16
, Portsmouth OH

Chicago Warehouse & Terminal Co. BLW 7T 2ft NG Baldwin gas #2
, cn40323 blt 1919

BLH SM265 8T
, diesel-mechanical, 76 hp D-315
Mark Laundry

New Corsica Central Corp BLW 5T 2' ga #1
, blt 1919 cn52363

L.& P.P. Co BLW 7.5T, 2' ga .#13
, blt 1922 cn57541

Pacific Electric Baldwin Shop gas/elect Sw
(1) Reed, Jay, "Critters, Dinkeys & Center Cabs", Jay Reed's Industrial Locomotives
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