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Plymouth"Plymouth was the brand name under which the J.D. Fate Company of Plymouth, OH began building gas locomotives in about 1909. It became Fate-Root-Heath in 1919, Plymouth Locomotive Works in the late 50's, and Plymouth Industries in the late 70's. In 1999, the locomotive line became part of Ohio Locomotive Crane and the original factory was closed, with the remaining production moved to Bucyrus, OH. " (1) It is now part of Williams Distribution

Plymouth built is first diesel in 1927, and it has been the country's most prolific small gas and diesel locomotive builder, with 7500 to date. Most of these are small mine and industrial locomotives of less than 25 tons. They are noted for their torque-converter locomotives, and almost all later production uses that type of transmission.(1)

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 Plymouth is about 55 miles sw of Cleveland on the ex-B&O Sandusky - Mansfield line (Ashland RR operates this portion today).Also crossing the B&O just behind the shops is the Wheeling & Lake Erie (ex-Akron Canton & Youngstown RR). Most of the units were shipped out of here on the B&O. 1987 Gary Morris

Ply WDT/K-B 40T
, PLW 1986
Howard W. Ameling

Ply WDT/K-B 40T
, PLW 1986
Howard W. Ameling

MEAD Ply WDT/K-B 40T #105
, Lynchburg, VA 1977, to JR Short MIlling IL, blt 1958 cn6068

Mead Ply WDT/K-B 40T #3
, Sylva, NC 1974, to Louisville River Terminal cn5925 blt 1956
Tom Sink

Consolidated Paper Ply WDT/K-B 40T #3-21
, Wisconsin Rapids WI 1974, nee consolidated Water, Power, Paper, to Andersons 9102.51, cn5978 blt 1957


Ply MHD[hydrostatic drive] 40T#7161
, PLW 1986, to Cabot Corp Waverly WVA, blt 1979 cn7161
Howard W. Ameling

PLW Ply MHD[hydrostatic drive] 40T #7161
, PLW East Chicago IN 2010, ex Cabot Corp Waverly WVA, blt 1979 cn7161
Gary Everhart

Bechtel Kumigai Ply TMDT 40T #27-02
, Limestone Manitoba CAN,Cummins NRT-6B1, 56 1/2", nee Rohm Haas A/B, ex Long Spruce Const CAN, blt 1958 cn6098

Fraser Ply KC[Fleximotive] 45T DM #5
, Edmundston Auto Museum Alberta CAN 1991, nee USA, blt 1942 cn4120

Bogue Chitto Valley Ply Fleximotive KC 45T
, Sun, Louisiana 1972, cn3990??
Tom Sink

Pillsbury Ply KC 45T
, Dubuque, IA 1979

Miller Compressing Ply KC 45T
, Milwaukee, WI

General American Evans Ply KC 65T #D20
, Bensenville IL 1965

Republic Steel Ply KC 65T #11
, Buffalo NY (cn5397-9 blt 1949?)

American Ship Dismantlers Ply 45T DE #29
, Portland, OR 1980 , nee USN[#12] #65-00208, to Schnitzer Steel 1547, blt 1945 cn4786
Keith Ardinger

Schnitzer Steel Ply 45T DE #145-17[1547]
, Portland, OR 1982 blt 1945 cn4786 , ex American Ship Dismantlers #29, nee USN[#12] #65-00208
Keith Ardinger-Rob Jacox

Ohio Edison Plymouth DE45 45T 8-Wheel chain-drive Traction
, to Grans-Global Rail #2, blt 1952 cn5627
Dick Tinder

Ohio Edison Plymouth DE Wheels

Purdy Metals Ply DE45
, Seattle WA 1987, nee USN 65-00207 Puget Sound Shipyard Bremerton WA, blt 1945 cn4785
Keith Ardinger

Ply DE45 #4434
, ( nee USN Triumph Explosives, Elton MD to HymanMichaels, to Northern Indiana Dock, E Chicago IL, cn4434 b;t 1943?)

Standard Lime Co Ply DE 50T #76
, Woodville, OH 1977, nee Kenova Terminal, exxx Ohio Lime, exx Acme Construction #SL3 OH, to Martin-Marietta#76, blt 1953 cn5714

Ohio Lime Co Ply DE 50T #76
, Plymouth Locomotive Works 1987, nee Kenova Terminal, to Acme Const #SL3 OH, blt 1953 cn5714
Gary Morris

Walton Agri Service Plymouth DE 50T #25
, Upper Sandusky OH 2001, ex Marble Cliff Quaries#25 OH, nee USN65-00144, to Cyclops Steel PA, to Norhtern Ohio Museum OH, cn4416 blt1942
Arnold Morscher

Marble Cliff Quaries Ply DE50 #25
, Columbus OH, nee USN65-00144, to Cyclops Steel PA, to Walton Grain#25, to Norhtern Ohio Museum OH, cn4416 blt1942

Plymouth DE 50T
, Willard OH
Tom Boylan

Ag Processing Ply DE 50T
, Hastings.NE 2003
Glen Beans

Georgia Pacific Ply DE50 #20
, Russelville SC 1970, nee PA Ordinance Works#7485/44, exxx US Steel, exx Cole-Layer-Trumble Co, ex Pittsburgh Allegheny & McKees Rocks RR 3, to Carolina Western#20blt 1942, cn4426
Don Ross

, Portland, OR 1980

Plymouth 50T XL1 D/M demo #3001
, to Red River Lumber #21, to Fruit Growers Supply, blt 1928 cn3001

Red River Lumber Ply 50T XL1 D/M #21
, . Westwood CA 1939, nee Ply Demo #3001, to Fruit Growers Supply, blt 1928 cn3001

Dardanelle Russellville Ply XL 50T #5
, Russellville AZ 1964, blt 1939 cn3093, nee Wildwood & Delawre Bay#2, exxxx Birmingham Rail#1260, exxx Joesph Seagram, exx Bois D'Arc & Southern, ex Rockdale Sandow & Southern#5, to Arkansa Rock & Gravel
Walt Evans

Canesteal Contracting Ply DE 50T
, Bridgeville PA 2005, nee National Tube IN, ex National Tube #3977, to Canesteal Contrating, blt 1948 cn5200
Ken Caine

Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Ply DE50 #520-020
. Heart of Dixie RR Museum, Calera, AL 2009, blt 1942 cn4259
G Gerard

Ply DE 50T
, Delaware OH 2011
Greg Wiltsie

Great Lakes Carbon Ply DE50 #8
, St Louis MO 1979 blt 1952 cn5601
Don Ross

Wagner Quarries Ply DE50
, Sandusky OH 1982 to CLN Ind Caprepl ONT#500-23, blt 1950, cn5551

Cassville & Exeter Ply GE1 50T #2001
, Dodson MO 1960, nee Joplin-Pittsburgh RR 2001, sold to Kansas City Public Service Freight, to National RR Museum WI, blt 1930 cn3442
Don Ross

Carthage Underground Storage Ply WE2 50T
, Carthage MO 1973, nee Joplin-Pittsburgh RR #2002, ex Carthage Marble, blt 1935 cn3800
Thomas H. Parker

Acme Steel Ply OE 65T #3
, Riverdale IL 1935 blt 1935 cn3785
Pullman State Historic Site

GATX Ply KH Flexomotive 70T #D-14
, East Chicago, IN 1962, blt 1947 cn5256/7
Eric Reinert

Inland Steel Ply KC Flexomotive 70T #49
, Cooper-Bessemer EN eng

Morse & Ory Ply Flexomotive 70T(KC70) #58

, Amite LA 1970, ex Inland Steel 58, blt 1941 cn 4093 Joe Brockmeyer

Consumers Co, IL Ply 6-wh Flexmobile KC 65T #106-6
, Cary, Il, blt 1947 cn5006
Don Ross

Lowville & Beaver River Ply CR-4 60T #3

Shawn Noe

Mount Union Connecting RR Ply CR-4
, blt 1960 cn6216, ex Mohawk, Adirondack Northern, exx Minerals Equip. (D), exxx Jones & Laughlin #7
Bill Adams

Mount Union Connecting RR Ply CR-4
, blt 1960 cn6216, ex Mohawk, Adirondack Northern, exx Minerals Equip. (D), exxx Jones & Laughlin #7
Bill Adams

Kaiser Sand & Gravel Ply CR-8 65T
, Permanente CA, blt 1969 cn6703
Steve Hoskins

Martin-Marietta, Std Lime, Ply CR-8 45T #47-0050
, Woodville OH, rblt to 65T for Stoneco OH, blt 1981 cn7347
Tom Boylan

Stoneco Ply CR-8 45T #40.0001
, Carey, OH, nee Martin-Marietta, Std Lime, CR-8 45T #47-0050, blt 1981 cn7347
Olaf Junges

Baltimore light rail rescue engine Ply CR-8 45T #801
, Baltimore, MD 1994

Milwaukee Sewage Comm Ply CR-8 65T
, Milwaukee WI, blt 1989 cn7494
Don Ross

USA Plymouth CR-8 57T (only 20 made) #1993
, blt 1963 cn6355, to Thailand #2006, to Vietnam #36
Larry Faulkmen

San Francsco Bay Area Rapid Transit Ply CR-8 50T #3
, 2004

MBTA Ply CR-8 50T #04443
, South Boston MA 2005, blt 1987 cn7450
Jack Clifford

MBTA Ply CR-8 50T #04443
, South Boston MA 2009, blt 1987 cn7450
Jack Clifford

Jones & Laughlin Steel Ply CR-8XT 120T #38
, Aliquippa, PA 1979, blt 1975 cn7059
Ken Houghton

Jones & Laughlin Steel Ply CR-8XT 120T #38
, Aliquippa, PA 1979, blt 1975 cn7059

Bethlehem Steel Ply CR8XT 100T #71
, Bethlehem PA, ren 30, cn6345 blt1963

Bethlehem Steel Ply CR8XT 100T NG #30
, Lackawanna NY 1984, nee#71, blt 1963 cn6345
Doug Kroll

Joplin Pittsburgh Ply PE(propane/E) 65T #2003
, Museum of Trans 2002, blt 1936, cn3865, exxx Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern 501, exx Sonken & Galamba, ex Kansas City PS
Steve Barker

Kansas City Public Service Ply PE(propane/E) 65T #1
, Peoria IL 1965, blt 1936, cn3865, nee Joplin-Pittsburgh RR 2003, exx Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern 501, ex Sonken & Galamba, to J-PRR 2003 Museum of Trans
Don Ross
(1) Reed, Jay, "Critters, Dinkeys & Center Cabs", Jay Reed's Industrial Locomotives and Marre, Lewis, "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years",Kalmbach Publishing Co. ©1995 ISBN 0-89024-258-5
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