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"Candian Locomotive Co. was established in Kingston ON, in 1855. They built their last domestic locomotive in 1963. In 1965, they were renamed Fairbanks Morse, Ltd. (Canada) and later became part of Colt Ind., along with F-M."(1) "In the 1940's the firm was the conduit for delivering Baldwins and Whitcombs in Canada, and later it manufactured F-M designs as a licensee. CLC bought the Davenport/Porter designs in 1956. In addition, CLC produced its own design of 44-ton, 500hp diesel torque-converter locomotives, DT-2."(2)

See CLC 44H44A1 Roster

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CP CLC H44A1/DT-2 Hydraulic Switcher #10
, Smith Falls ONT 1965, cn2981 blt 1957,
Don Ross

CP Canadian Loco Co DT-2 44-ton #12
, , to Great Lakes Pulp & Paper, to Shearmet Recycling Thunder Bay, ONT, cn2990 blt 1958
British Columbia Archive

Coleman CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #DL-10
, Coleman, BC 1978, nee CP13, to Skibstead, cn2991

Skibstead CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #DL-10
, Hanna Alberta 1986, nee CP13, ex Coleman, cn2991

Crestbrook Forest Ind CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #195
, Canal Flats BC 1988, ex CP14, to Fort Steele museum BC, cn2992 blt 1958

CP CLC DT-2 44T #15
, Victoria BC 1960, cn2993 blt 1958
Ross Pugsley

Crestbrook Forest Ind CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #651
, Elko, BC 1988 , ex CP15, to Kennard & Elithorpe #25, to Fort Steele museum BC , cn2993

CP CLC DT-2 44T #18
, Thunder Bay, ON, to Great Lakes Pulp & Paper#231.cn3003 blt 1959
Paul Charland

CP CLC DT-2 #19
, blt 1960 cn3006, to Penvidic Contracting, to Champion Park, Okotoks AB, ren 2034,

CP CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #21
, McClean SK 1967, cn3008 blt 1960
Jim Parker

CP CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #22
, to South Simcoe Railway, cn3009 blt 1960
Jack Smith

South Simcoe Railway CLC DT-2/H44A3 #22
, Tottenham ONT, 1993, blt 1960 cn3009, ex CP #22
Gordon Strathdee

Great Lakes Pulp & Paper CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #231
, Thunder Bay, ONT 1978, nee CP18 , cn3003 blt 1959

Canterra CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #2034
, Ram River Alberta 1987, nee CP 19, ex CP 2034, to Champion Park, Okotoks AB, cn3006

Penvidic Construct CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #2034
, Milton , ONT 1978, nee CP19, to Aquitaine, to Champion Park, Okotoks AB. cn3006

CP CLC H44A1/DT-2, 44T #23
, Valleyt Jct PQ1964 , to Coleman Collieries, cn3010 blt 1960
Don Ross

Tonawanda Island RR CLC 50T #700
, N Tonawanda NY 1991, ex Ontario Paper Co#1, blt 1950 CLC#2635 to Whitcomb designs
©Greg Dickson

Ontario Paper Co. CLC/Whitcomb 50T #1
, N.Tonawanda NY 1983, to Tonawanda Island RR, blt 1950 CLC#2635 to Whitcomb designs
Doug Kroll

Westinghouse #1 Whitcomb CLC 50T #1
, Hamilton ONT 1987, blt 1950 cn2636, w/one Hercules & one Cummins diesel engine
Al Howlett % R.L.Kennedy

Limestone Quarries CLC-Whit 50T #3-6910
, Milliken ONT 1981, blt 1950 cn2637 w/380hp Hercules, nee #4
Gordon Strathdee % R.L.Kennedy

CN CLC-FM CPA-16-5 #7005-6
, 2-unit 3200hp FM engines, blt 1950

CN CLC FM CPA-16-5 #6702

R. Craig Rutherford

CN FM CLC CPA-16-5 #6703
, 1954

CN CLC-Westinghouse 100T #9000
, 1945, blt 1929 (amoured & disguised as boxcar for WW-II)

Port Stanley Terminal CLC-Whit 25DE26 'Albert' #L5b
, blt 1948 cn60811, ex CS&G 2002, 102, nee Std Paving Materials [1st CLC loco]
Al Howlett % R.L.Kennedy

, blt 1931 cn1913, w/150 hp LeRoi 6 cyl gas
National Archives of Canada PA-203686
% R.L.Kennedy

Parrish & Heimbecker, CLC 40-H4-A1
, Yorkton Saskatchewan CAN 1998, blt 1963, cn3043
Gordon Strathdee
(1) Reed, Jay, "Critters, Dinkeys & Center Cabs", c2000 ISBN 0-9647221-2-7
(2) Marre, Lewis, "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years",Kalmbach Publishing Co. ©1995 ISBN 0-89024-258-5
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