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Mack LogoMack Trucks of Allentown, PA built a total of 21 locomotives during the 20's to early 30's.They ranged from 12-80 tons, all apparently gas-electrics. They used a 4-cyl 85hp, and a 6-cyl 135hp. The larger modesl were 6-wheeled, and were powered by multiple Mack truck engines.(1) Detailed information about any engine can be obtained here:

The Mack Trucks Historical Museum
2402 Lehigh Parkway South
Allentown, PA 18103
Telephone: 610-351-8999 Fax:610-351-8756

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BRW Mack 12T #1
, BRW, nee Bigelow-Sanford, Amsterdam NY, ex Crucible Steel, blt 1935 cn171008
Jeff Lubchansky

Black River & Western RR Mack 12T #1
. Ringoes, NJ 2008, (nee Bigelow-Sanford, blt 1935 cn 171008?)
Bob Vogel

Mack 12T 85hp

Port of Albany Cargil Grain Mack 12T
, Albany NY, to Cargill Milwaukee
Joseph A. Smith Coll

Cargil Mack 12T
, Milwaukee WI - nee France Stone, 1983 blt 1930 cn165001
©John F. Campbell

Rail Systems Mack 12T
, South St. Paul MN 1991, nee France Stone, -ex Cargil Albany NY, repowered for St. Paul Terminals by Maxson, 1930 cn165001
© Gary Stuebben

Rail Systems Mack 12T
, South St. Paul MN 1991, nee France Stone, -ex Cargil Albany NY, repowered for St. Paul Terminals by Maxson, 1930 cn165001
© Gary Stuebben

LV Mack 45T 0-6-0 255hp #110
, blt 1929 cn173001, ren 50,

LV Mack 45T 0-6-0 255hp #111
, blt 1929 cn173002, ren 51
Rod Dirkes

Mack 15T
, Gordon GA 2006, nee Perth Amboy Garage NJ, blt 1929 cn171010
Bill Copley

Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Mack 12T 0-4-0 #2
, blt 1930 cn171009

GE 15T 0-4-0
, Everett MA, blt 1930 cn171005

GE 60T 0-6-0 #112
, Sayre PA blt 1930 cn167001

Lake Superior Railroad Museum Mack 15T #1
, Duluth, MN, 2009, nee Fegles Const Co, Minneapolis, exx Northern Pump Co. ex Hyman-Michaels Co, rebuilt by Reserve Mining Co., blt 1931 cn171007
Dan Mackey

Edison Portland Cement model BR 12T 0-4-0
, blt 1929 cn171001

Mack Allentown plant 33T 0-4-0 steeple cab #1
, chain drive, 2-40hp, blt 1921

Mack 15T 0-4-0
, blt 1929

Mack #3
, ex elect Joplin lead mine blt 1939,

Mack #3
, at Plant 5C Allentown1958 blt 1939

Mack Plant Loco #4
, Allentown PA, ex elect Joplin lead mine rbt 1939 as exp gas electric
See: Mack #4

JC McHugh Mack exp #4
, Fairless Hills, PA 2008, rbt 1939 as exp gas electric for Allentown Plant, exxx Rockhill Trolley Museum#4, exx EBT4, ex WK&S #35
JC McHugh

Pouch Terminal Mack 30T BS #2
, Staten Island RT NY 1975, cn172004 blt 1936
Bob LaMay collection

CBQ Mack 30T 0-4-0 #100
, blt 1929 cn172001, ren 8900, 9100

Norton Co. "Comet", 60T 0-6-0
, blt 1935 cn167002

Wanamaker Kempton & Southern Mack GM 35T #35
, Kempton PA 1991, blt by Southwest Missouri RR Co in 1927 as SMRC 5, to Mack, rebuilt 1939 as Mack 5
Don Ross
(1) Reed, Jay, "Critters, Dinkeys & Center Cabs", c2000 ISBN 0-9647221-2-7
(2)"History of Mack Rail Motor Cars and Locomotives", LVNHS, © 1959
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