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The Midwest Locomotive Works of Hamilton, OH was a division of the Ceramic Machinery Co.. They build hundreds of small gas locomototives until they closed in mid 30's. In 1930, they introduced the GCD model, a 4-wheeled, endcab, gas locomotives, running from 4-18 tons. They are also known to have to have built some 20-30 ton endcabs, some 45 ton centercabs, and three 65 ton diesel-electric centercabs(which were built to plans originated by Whitcomb(1)

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Mid-West 7T

Midwest 12T

Midwest 16T

CBQ Midwest 65T #9122
blt 1934 cn1074
Bud Laws

CBQ Midwest 65T #9123
, Peoria IL 1964, to Precision National Corp, blt 1934, #1075
Don Ross

Stockton Terminal & Easter Midwest 65T #10
, Stockon CA, nee CBQ 9121, exUSA7196, blt 1933 cn1073
Don Ross

Fort Orange Paper Midwest GED 48T
, ex Brown Paper Co , nee Albany District #1, blt 1931 cn1071
Joseph A. Smith Coll

Brown Co Midwest GED 48T #26
, Castleton NY 1975, to Fort Orange Paper, nee Albany District #1, blt 1931 cn1071
David Hamley - Steve Timko

Wisconsin Power Midwest 30T
, Light Black Hawk Station, Beloit WI 1981

Hyman Michaels Mid-West 25T
, Chicago, IL 1976, nee USN, to Azcon Railcar, cn1091 blt 1932
(1) Reed, Jay, "Critters, Dinkeys & Center Cabs", c2000 ISBN 0-9647221-2-7
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