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Summary Of The "American Flyer" Car Types

(Osgood-Bradley - some Pullman)


st= coach seat - rmt= roomette - c= compartment - d= drawingroom - smk= smoking lounge
p= parlor seat - buf= buffet - lng= lounge - bag= baggage compartment obs= observation lounge


PREWAR (smooth side) CARS

Road                  type             yr blt  quan  notes

New Haven             84 st              1935   20?     
                      92 st coach        1936?  20?     
                      buffet             1937   10?

5200-5204 5 cars AAR Class DG Blt 1937 Grill Cars (converted to coaches post-war)
8200-8214 15 cars AAR Class PB Blt 1934 84-seat, 10-window coaches
8215-8249 35 cars AAR Class PB Blt 1935 84-seat, 10-window coaches
8250-8269 20 cars AAR Class PB Blt 1936 84-seat, 10-window coaches
8270-8369 100 cars AAR Class PB Blt 1936/37 92-seat, 11-window coaches
8500-8529 30 cars AAR Class PB Blt 1938 64-seat, 16 chair smoker Deluxe coaches

The Cotton Belt       76 st coach        1937   10   w/skirts (A)

Kansas City Southern  76 st coach        1937    4   no skirts (B)

Lehigh Valley         82 st/smk          1939    5   square roof ends (C)
                      92 st              1939    5   square roof ends (C)

Seaboard Air Line     bag/52 st                  4   (D)
                      78 st coach                6   (D)

Bangor & Aroostook    15' RPO/bag                2?  (E)    
                      84 st coach                2   (E)
                      buf/24 st                  3   (E)

Boston & Maine        92 st coach        1937   10   no skirts (F)
                      98 st commuter     1937   21   no skirts (G)

(A) assigned to the "Lone Star Special": Dallas-St. Louis-Memphis.
(B) assigned to the "Flying Crow": Kansas City-Port Arthur, Tx.
(C) assigned to the "Black Diamond" and "John Wilkes": NYC-Buffalo
(D) assigned to the "Orange Blossom Special": NYC-Florida
(E) assigned to the "Aroostook Flyer": Bangor to Van Buren, Me.
(F) assigned to long haul coach pool.
(G) assigned to commuter service pool.
(H) assigned to postwar "Merchant's Limited": NYC-Boston

POST WAR (fluted side) CARS

All cars are New Haven

type                           yr blt  quan  builder      notes

bag/1d-2rmt-29p-buf            1948      20  Worcester    "County" series
36st parlor                    1948      25  Worcester    
38st chair-lng                 1948       5  Worcester    "River" series
coach                          1948     123  Worcester
grille car                     1948?     15  Worcester    6 wh trks
48st diner                     1949      10  P-S Chicago  6 wh trks
round end tavern-lng-obs       1949       2  P-S Chicago  (H)

New Haven trains using these cars.

"Advance Merchant's Limited" NYC-Boston
"Merchant's Limited" NYC-Boston (H)
"Yankee Clipper" NYC-Boston
"New Haven - Pennsylvania Patriot" Wash D.C. via NYC to Boston

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