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Wheeling, WVa

Wheeling, West Virginia sits in a curious position. While not on either Baltimore & Ohio trunk line, it is the pivot point of several secondary lines providing critical north-south linkages in West Virginia and eastern Ohio. With tracks radiating in 5 directions, this substantial station sees as many as 2 dozen trains a day- mostly sleeper connections and coach short hauls heavy with head end.

Operations here are a far cry from the National Route, with an eccentric array of older motive power and equipment. Nonetheless, one may find everything from dedicated connections of such trains as the "Capitol Limited" to the most obscure coach-and-combine stump dodger. A delightful railroad empire en-petite.

Despite its remote location and modest size, Wheeling, WVa is an important river crossing point providing connections from the Virginia tidewater to the lower Lakes region.

For years, operations in and around Wheeling, including this all important bridge over the Ohio River, have been under the Wheeling West Virginia Terminal Railroad.

Primarily a creation of the Pennsy, the WVaTRR also provides cross river connections for the B&O.

For the Pennsylvania Railroad, Wheeling can be reached by either of two obscure Fort Wayne Division branch lines running down both sides of the Ohio River. They provide a frequent daily shuttle service from Wheeling proper, up the eastern shore of the Ohio River to Wierton Junction (24 miles) with connections to Steubenville, Ohio. Here we see a typical head end-coach lashup at a less-than-auspicious moment in 1907.

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