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Seaboard Air Line

Motive power in south Florida

Far away from the bright lights of Tampa and Miami, at the outermost reaches of the Florida Trade, two distinct pieces of Seaboard Air Line motive power quietly go about their business. Railcar #2027 and #2028 (above) are products of EMC (carbodies by St. Louis Car) built in 1936. Originally, they handled local service between Savannah and Montgomery. #2027 was wreaked and time marches on, so the surviving sister has been assigned to local feeder runs out of Tampa. #2028, seen here with a 2 car connecting sleeper run off the "Silver Meteor" at Venice, has remained in service right up to the pending arrival of Amtrak.

For the 1940-41 season, the "Silver Meteor" was expanded to provide daily service to both coasts. To handle the growing Wildwood - St Petersburg sections, three light pacifics - #865, #866 and #868 - were given this colorful shroud and modified "Citrus" color scheme. They replaced the motor car #2028, which went to even more remote assignments.

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