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The Florida Trade

Chicago To Florida


Pennsylvania Railroad

The Pennsy has a less dominant role in western Florida service than it does in the east: being merely one of four routes by which one may travel from Chicago to the Ohio River.

New York Central System


Illinois Central


Chicago & Eastern Illinois


Louisville & Nashville


Nashville, Chatnaooga & St. Louis

The NC & StL is a highly localized, but significant Florida player. Florida traffic enters at Nashville, travels southeast and exits at Atlanta

Southern Railway


Atlantic Coast Line

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Note: this topic has been modified because many of the well known trains in Florida service came into being after the June 1935 timeline used in other Topics. Because of this, each route has one section with the 6/35 trains and a second section with later trains. In some cases, trains are listed in both their 1935 heavyweight versions and their later lightweight versions.

NOTE: refer to The Glossary for a summary of how to interpret the train listings below.

Effective 2/35



C&EI - L&N (trains 90-91) Chicago via Evansville to Jacksonville,
C&EI - L&N - ACL (trains 94-95) Chicago via Evansville to Jacksonville,
C&EI - L&N - ACL (trains 92-93) Chicago via Evansville to Jacksonville,
PRR - L&N - ACL - FEC (trains 15-16) Chicago via Louisville to Miami, streamlined, , premiere, 3rd day (seasonal)
PRR - L&N - ACL (trains 32-33) Chicago via Louisville to St. Petersburg, streamlined, , premiere,
- L&N - ACL (trains 9-10) Chicago via to Jacksonville,
L&N - ACL (trains 17-18) Cincinnati to Jacksonville,
NYC - Sou Ry - FEC Chicago via Cincinnatti to Miami


NYC - Sou Ry - FEC Chicago via Cincinnatti to Miami- seasonal,



NYC - Sou Ry - FEC Chicago via Cincinnatti to Miami,
Frisco - Sou Ry Kansas City to Jacksonville (points in Florida)
midwest to Fla west coast

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