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Baltimore & Ohio

The reequipped "Royal Blue"

This is, without doubt, the most well known of all Baltimore & Ohio railroad publicity photos: of the recently reequipped "Royal Blue" posing on the Thomas Viaduct just south of Baltimore.

The original lightweight equipment quickly proved to be too rough riding for B&O standards and was sent west to the Chicago & Alton where it has become famous as their "Abraham Lincoln". Mt Claire, already leary of this lightweight idea, pulled in their horns and fielded a consist of rebuilt betterment heavyweights that has come to be the symbol of B&O passenger service.

Here we see the very first betterment train of the B&O, featuring their tasteful blue and gray scheme and brand a new EA and EB set from Electro Motive. Much of this equipment will remain in premiere service well into the 1950s.

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