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CB&Q Zephyrs FAQ

koala@earthlink.net (Randy Treadway) asked:

Can anyone shed light on the names for each of the shovel-nosed CB&Q Zephyrs?

gord-gil@ix.netcom.com (Randy Gordon-Gilmore) writes:

Shovelnose "caterpillar trains" (A-2 power unit):

9900 - Burlington Zephyr (Pioneer Zephyr after 1935)
9901, 9902 - Twin Zephyrs
9903 - Mark Twain Zephyr (cars were named, in order,
        Injun Joe, Becky Thatcher, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn)

EA units (A-A):

9904 - Pegasus  \
9905 - Zephyrus / Used on the second Twin Zephyrs
9906A - Silver King     \
9906B - Silver Queen     \
9907A - Silver Knight    / Used on the first Denver Zephyrs
9907B - Silver Princess / 

Last shovelnose for General Pershing Zephyr (A1A-2 power unit):

9908 - Silver Charger (passenger cars were named Silver Star, Silver Eagle and 
Silver Leaf)

The E5 locomotives were also named:

9909  - Silver Bullet
9910A - Silver Speed
9910B - Silver Power
9911A - Silver Pilot
9911B - Silver Mate
9912A - Silver Meteor
9912B - Silver Comet
9913  - Silver Wings
9914A - Silver Arrow
9914B - Silver Swift
9915A - Silver Carrier
9915B - Silver Clipper
9950A - Silver Racer
9950B - Silver Steed
9980A - Silver Chief
9980B - Silver Warrier

Source: Burlington Route Historical Society Bulletins #10 and #13.

The other Budd shovelnose streamliner was the Flying Yankee, Boston & Maine's 

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