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Trains are one of the many hobbies(Lionel) for which I no longer have any time. Instead, I chose to provide the net community with prototype (real trains) photos and information about railroading.

The objective of this page is to provide:
  1. Information and photos about my local area: Mountaintop in N.E. Pennsylvania
  2. The best photo of both sides of all American and Canadian diesel engines for modelers and trains spotters. Any Road Name is welcome.
  3. A pictorial history of rail for those who missed the golden era of rail. This is why I have lots of rolling stock, equipment, and buildings. I'll usually take any photos in these areas.

Corrections Encouraged

I will be glad to show any photo, with proper credit, that:
  1. Fills in a hole in my collection, or
  2. Is an improved photo(I guess I will have to be the final judge).
  3. Has a close-up of the engine(Panoramics don't have the detail I need)
  4. Has the engine model number. I will try to guess or look it up if you really don't know.
  1. I do not have a public FTP site. I prefer a mime attachment, but I do take any size UUENCODE file.
  2. It might be better to send a description or list before sending files.
  3. I prefer to link to an image at a Web site, so let me know if you have a site where the image is available.
  4. I DO have a scanner, so you can send me photos which I will return.

Thanks for your support

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